Discount Codes

Hey Y’all!

So I am a high school rep for Southern Girl Prep and then an ambassador for Sashkaco.

I have discount codes for both and I wanted to put both in a place where they are easily accessible and easy to use.

Southern Girl Prep

I got chosen as a Southern Girl Prep Rep in fall 2017! EEK! I love this company so so much! Everything is so cute and high quality! They gave me a code to give y’all and when you use my code:


you get 15% off of your entire purchase when you use it at checkout. How great is that? AND I’ll send you free stickers when you show me proof!



Saskaco is a great company that provides women in Nepal with a steady income and jobs. By purchasing their bracelets, you help support this, and get a pretty, handmade bracelet in return!

Use my code


at checkout for 25% off your entire purchase!