About Me

Welcome to The Artsy Prepster!

I’m Annie! The creator, the founder, the girl boss, the “serious” business woman behind the page and all of the fun goodies!

I started blogging way back in 2016 as a high school student, and I’ve used it as an outlet ever since. (But now it’s slowed down since I started art school)

I’m a graphic design and photography major at the University of Houston where I’m developing my skills further and hoping to be out on my own one day ~ running my own company!

I have the best support group ~ aka: my boyfriend, fam, friends and sorority sisters!

I am a brand rep for Jadelynn Brooke (aka the best company around) and I love it beyond words!

Speed Round: I’m a coffee addict, frequent art supply buyer, a confetti fanatic, rainbow queen, a Christian, marching band member, 80s/90s movie OBSESSED, and much more!

I hope ya stick around!

xoxo, Annie

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