Why I Rebranded

Hey Y’all!

Gosh it is 2019…I’ve been so bad about writing. But here I am.

Lots of big things have happened since my last post, and the biggest?


I know right? SO AWESOME! Boss BabeZ Designs is a DREAM.

Truth be told, I’ve gotten a lot of DMs or comments from people saying they preferred my original name….DELETE LOL. But seriously These are kinda rude. Some are just asking and mean no harm and others are just trolling…*rolls eyes* I hear stuff like:


“I liked your name before.”

“Yeah..no. Liked the name before.”

and my fave…

*rolling eye emoji*

How kind and supportive and boss babe-like right?

Honestly I’ve just been ignoring it and deleting those comments and DMs because I’m doing this whole rebranding thing for a reason and for ME. Not for the people who question me doing it.

I rebranded because I, ME, decided I’m growing as a person and my shop did too. The Artsy Prepster started as a blog, and then I added the shop. And truth be told, I am lightyears ahead of where I was in the beginning of high school when this blog was started. I am a different person. My shop needed to reflect that, and guess what? I KNEW what name it was going to be from the beginning.

Boss BabeZ Designs is formed from my fave thing to call my fellow girl bosses and go getters. It is a brand/shop for kindness, empowerment, acceptance, and the best thing ever…COLOR. It is for me. It is for y’all. It is a safe place full of FUN. This name allows me to branch out to EVERYONE and just be me!

I am moving forward and running as fast as I can with my rebranded shop and these new goals and I hope y’all continue to stay with me because I, Annie, am proud of myself. This is what I want. To put it bluntly, screw the haters. Because Boss BabeZ Designs isn’t for them. It is for the REAL girl bosses.

Check out everything new in the shop with the cute little etsy “E” widget on the right side bar or the menu option for the shop!

With love and confetti,


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