Etsy Shop Update

Hey hey hey y’all!

Wow! It has been a hot minute since I have written a blog post on here! I have been taking some time off of the blog to spend some quality time on my Etsy Shop. Things have been going so great! Tons of new items, business cards, a new look, everything is just improved and fun and a party!! I am so thrilled that everything is starting to take off and that I am hitting the ground running. 

I wanted to give y’all a look at some stuff that’s going on and a few of the new items. Click on the link at the end to see the shop! 

(Items can only be shipped to the United States as of now)

New canvases are going up in the shop and some print packs with different themes. Prayer boxes, wood rounds, and much much more! Lots are in the shop but these are just a few of the new items. New products are going up all of the time!

Click for the link to my Etsy Shop.!

Honestly, this shop has been a really big stress reliever for me in addition to forcing me to take some time for myself away from school. I have really been loving the whole designing, creating and listing process that is involved and it has been overall really great. I am starting to produce even more high-quality products that I am proud of and things I know can sell. It’s so fun creating things that I love and I know y’all love too!

Also, now when you click the Etsy Shop menu tap at the top of my page, it will take you directly to my site. So you can either click on the pink link right above this last paragraph or just click the “Etsy Shop” menu at the top of the page! (or the “E” under the social widget to the right)

I am so glad I got to show y’all this! This is something I have wanted to do for a really long time and it is so exciting to see it becoming more and more like the business I want it to be!

xoxo, annie

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