January 2018 Faves

Hey Y’all!

Happy Wednesday!

Almost 2 years ago, the very first blog post I ever did was a favorites post. I honestly can’t remember now if it was a monthly/friday faves or whether it was a monthly, but a favorites post was something I really enjoyed reading from other bloggers and just flat out sharing. In edition to each month’s playlist, I am hoping to try out a monthly favorites series as well. 

Currently I am loving a bunch of different things. From books to movies, to music, beauty and more, I am going share here with you all of the things I have been loving!

This Month's Movie Favorites

I saw lots of great movies in the past month but my top two are The Greatest Showman and The Post. I have seen The Greatest Showman THREE TIMES! Honestly everything about it is just amazing! From the soundtrack to the cast, everything was so well done. I am constantly playing the soundtrack on repeat and have learned every word. Seeing Zac Efron and Zendaya in the movie just brings me back to my cherished High School Musical and Disney Channel days. The Post was crazy good as well, but it isn’t a movie where you sing through it like The Greatest Showman. The Post is such an outstanding movie in the way that presented the right of the freedom of the press and the American newspapers versus the government and President Nixon. Meryl Streep was such a phenomenal actress and I adored her role as the first woman to run a newspaper. She didn’t just play her character, she became her, and was honestly a girl boss!

This Month's Beauty Faves

When it comes to beauty, I tend to have a few favorites and stick to those. So when Benefit Cosmetics discontinued their Gimme Brow product, I was so sad. It was perfect for my brows and I spent ages using my bottle and wand down to the very last of the product. I spent weeks searching for a new product that would even somewhat work and I came across Glossier’s Boy Brow. With how thick my eyebrows already are, I really just need to shape and fill the finest spots, and this works great. It comes in 4 shades including clear so it works great for all eyebrow colors! I use the brown shade and even though I have really dark eyebrows, it still works great and is even better than my old eyebrow product! I also have been loving the Anastasia Beverly Hills Gloss in Kristen. It is a darker pink and I have been loving it for winter since it is still a pop of color even though it is darker. Then lastly, I have been loving Fresh’s Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. I have had really bad break outs with uneven skin and dry patchy skin the last few months, but within a week of using this after getting it in my Sephora PLAY box month ago, my skin started clearing up. I have used EVERY LAST DROP and now I need to  buy the full size since it has been working magic!

Anastasia Lip Gloss / Fresh Face Cream / Glossier Boy Brow

This Month's Fave Shoes

For Christmas I got my second pair of Hunter High Gloss Rain Boots and I am LOVING them! I got them in black and they go with absolutely everything. I can wear them anywhere if it is rainy or cold and the black just matches everything perfectly. They are my favorite shoe to wear right now and if I could, I would wear them in 80 degree Texas heat because I love them so much!

Hunter Boots

This Month's Fave Accessory

My favorite accessory this month, I have been wearing this Fossil watch EVERY DAY. Sebastian got it for me for Christmas and I wear it from when I wake up in the morning until I go to sleep. I wear the brown leather strap the most, but he also got me a blush strap so I can change it to my favorite color whenever I want! It goes with everything I wear, casual or dressy, and I am just in love with it!

This Month's Fave Accessory copy

This month’s random fave was also another Christmas gift. My mom surprised me on Christmas morning with a pink 30oz yeti! It has a spill-proof lid and the best part…it has my monogram on it! I have been putting all of my drinks in here for school because it keeps everything so nice and cold. I have been drinking so much more water with it. I also have a metal straw from corkcicle that fits in the top that also works great. It is dishwasher safe and I drink even more water if I have a straw so the yeti + straw has been a great combo!

This Month's Fave Accessory copy 2

After going to summer camp again the summer before ninth grade, I purchased a book that a camp counselor had recommended to me. A few actually had mentioned it, saying if they didn’t grow up a Christian, this is the book that made them become one. I became really intrigued and purchased it. I loved it and really thought it was great, but I just started rereading it for the second time through. The whole book has a completely different meaning to me now as a second semester senior then it did right before ninth grade. I have been finding a deeper meaning of the “crazy love” of Jesus and it has been bringing such an amazing light to my life lately. If you need a really good Christian book or even just want an interesting read, I 150% recommend this book. Francis Chan is an amazing writer and pastor, and his analogies are beyond great!

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

This Month's Fave Accessory copy 3

My last fave for this month is this little ID wallet from Lilly Pulitzer. I purchased mine on sale during the After Party Sale and it has been great for having the bare necessities with me and my keys all of the time. I adore the print and it goes great with my Lilly Monogram key chain! Sadly this print is no longer in stock, but I have linked a similar down below.

Lilly ID Case

That’s it for this month’s faves! Thank you for reading and be sure to check out the follow button and the button for my Etsy Shop in the sidebar!


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