DIY Christmas Cards

Hey Y’all!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today I am back with a brand new addition in my Christmas post series! Today is all about some easy, last-minute DIY Christmas Cards that are so fun to make! I will show you how to make two separate and fun cards that will take you only a few minutes each!

White Christmas Card


First up is this darling and oh so cute White Christmas Card! This card requires only a few items and is very each to make!


For this card, I used white + blue card stock and construction paper, snowflake ribbon (you can use any ribbon you like), a black pen, orange + brown markers, scissors, a white gel pen and a hole punch.


1. First I cut some snowy hills out of the white card stock and glued it onto the blue construction paper (after folding the blue construction paper in 1/2).

2. I used my hold punch and the white card stock to punch out little white circles. Then I glued these down above the snowy hills on the blue construction paper to make snowflakes.

3. I took my black pen and lettered out “Wishing You a White Christmas” on the snowy hill. For the lettering: write the phrase out in cursive and then every time a line goes down, make the line thicker. You can see this process step by step below in the mistletoe card.

4. Then I cut out 3 circles: large, medium, and small to create my snowman’s body out of the white card stock.

5. Then, I took my black pen and drew 5 dots to create the snowman’s smile and my orange marker to draw a small orange circle for the carrot nose. Instead of just drawing 2 button eyes and leaving 4 holes in the middle not filled in, I took a white gel pen and drew 4 dots on each black circle to create the button effect. You can easily do this by just drawing the circles and not filling in those 4 spots if you do not have a white gel pen.

6. Next, I glued my snowman’s body down on the paper with a glue stick. Then I drew 4 buttons down the body and took a brown marker to draw the stick arms.

7. I took my black pen again and drew a little hat for my snowman to wear.

8. Then I took my white gel pen and drew one line at the top of the hat to create the effect of there being a top. After that, I did a thick strip above the rim of the hat to make a band on the top hat.

9. Finally, I took my snowflake ribbon and made a bow, then glued in down in the corner of the card.

Mistletoe Card


The last card I am going to teach you how to make is this mistletoe card!

For this card you need green, red, and white card stock or construction paper, twine, scissors, a hole punch, a glue stick, and a gold sharpie.

1. First, I took my scissors and green construction paper and cut out these shapes. It doesn’t need to be perfect since leaves aren’t perfect, but try to make a variety of different shapes: some with more leaves and some with one. To create my shapes, I didn’t draw them. I simply cut out a line with a teardrop/leaf shape at the bottom. Cut out a bunch of these because we are going to layer them to create the mistletoe!

2. I folded my piece of red construction paper in half and then started with three simple shapes and glued them down with the tips of the stems touching the top of the paper. A glue stick works fine for this and just layer the the stems on top of each other with them overlapping.

3. After you glue all of your shapes down and layer them, take the hold punch and punch out white circles. Then, take a glue stick and glue them down randomly on top of the mistletoe leaves.

4. Take a decent amount of twine and make a bow to “tie together” your mistletoe. A simple bunny ear bow works great! Then, glue down the bow with the glue stick.

5. Now, take the gold sharpie and in cursive write our “Merry Christmas” at the base of the card.

6. Wherever the curve of the word or letter goes down, create another line that connects to the other line. I like the think of this lettering as the “cheat lettering.” It looks really nice when it is done but it is super easy to do and doesn’t require you to know how to use a brush pen or do real lettering.

7. Now, just fill in the lines/shapes you made and you are all done!


What I like about both of these cards is that they are 1) handmade, 2) festive, and 3) blank on the inside – so you can write a special message to whoever you give it to! And, since these cards barely take any time to make, they are great for last minute gifts!

I hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas Eve + Christmas and spend today and tomorrow surrounded by loved ones!

Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Annie

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