Gift Guide for Him

Hey Y’all!

Here is the second addition in my Christmas series. Today is all about something that I have always struggled with. Gifts for Guys.

I don’t know about y’all, but trying to find gifts for guys is so hard. This year is Sebastian and I’s fourth Christmas together and it still can be difficult. It’s complicated and often expensive and honestly just flat out confusing. SO…because of this, I wanted to write a post for y’all to help y’all out and tell you what I have found that works great!


Untitled design

1. Ties/ 2. Cute Cards/ 3. Sweet Keychains/ 4. Watches/ 5. Picture Frames or DIYs/ 6. Socks

Ties and watches are more on the expensive side, but are really nice gifts. Places like Fossil even engrave the watches for free if you want to put something on the back!

Socks are usually inexpensive and easy on your wallet, but work great. Get a bunch in different colors!

Couple gifts are so fun and sweet! I have made Sebastian countless frames and cards and they are great gifts because they are special and personalized. The keychains are fun too and we still have our halves on our keys!

For personalized gifts, Easy is a great place to look. Cards, keychains and everything are all produced by small businesses and art often really good quality! They even usually have guides like “gifts for boyfriend” or “gifts for him” on their home page around Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

I know this was short, but I figured a short but cute gift guide would be nice for my first guide, especially with how busy school has been for me. But, I hope it was helpful and gives y’all some ideas if you need any!

xoxo, Annie


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