25 Fun Stocking Stuffers Under $20

Hey Y’all!

Happy (?!) Monday!

So it is officially after Thanksgiving which means IT IS TIME! Christmas is here and so is this new series of Christmas posts. I will be trying to post some Christmas themed prompts on the blog a few times a week (so stocking stuffers, gift guides, DIYs and more)!

My first post in this series is today’s “25 Fun Stocking Stuffers Under $20” post! Today’s post includes little gifts and trinkets, all under $20, that can be used as stocking stuffers or as small gifts. There will be Pictures and then the word underneath each picture is a link to the item online!


Keychains are great, simple stocking stuffers. There are so many different kinds and can be super cute and even personalized!

1. Happy/ 2. Tassel + Monogram/ 3. Fearless

Beauty Goodies

The holiday season is a great time for finding high quality beauty items for a good price because of gift sets and etc. They make sweet gifts and let you or the person you get it for try out the product before investing in the big, full size product. And sometimes, you just get a better price. BONUS: those mini sets and items near the checkout at Sephora make PERFECT gifts!

4. CLINIQUE Lippies/ 5. Philosophy Gel Set/ 6. Minted Rose Balm

Tech Accessories

Tech Accessories are practical and useful, but the perfect size for stocking stuffers! Phone cases, pop sockets, phone pockets, earbuds, and more all fit in stockings and can work great while still being cute.

7. Happy Pocket/ 8. Marble Pop Socket

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are also small and fit in stockings. Bows, scrunchies, ribbons, beanies (fold them up and put them in the stocking) and more!

9. Velvet Scrunchie Set/ 10. Preppy Beanie/ 11. Lilly Pulitzer Headband

Stationary and Writing Supplies

Cute pencils, pens, and little notebooks are great for purses, school or work and often fit as well. Pencils with cute sayings and fun printed notebooks are great!

 12. Lilly Pulitzer Mini Notebook/ 13. Ban.dō Compliment Pencils


Accessories are definitely fitting because of their small size. Bracelets, sunglasses straps, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. all work great and can even be personalized to fit the person you are stuffing a stocking for!

14. SGPrep Bracelet/ 15. MarleyLilly Sunglasses Strap/ 16. Ban.do Sunglasses

Enamel Pins and Patches

Small but cute, these two things are just right for stockings. You can find them just about anywhere and they go great on backpacks, denim and more!

17. Ban.do Bonjour Patch/ 18. SGPrep Memories Pin


Little trinkets to go around someone’s room like on tables and desks are cute for stockings. This can be anything from jewelry dishes to film holders to little quotes.

19. ILY Trinket Dish/ 20. Mini Instax Glitter Frame

Car Trinkets and Fresheners

For someone in your life that drives, cute car air fresheners would be a great surprise in a stocking! Natural Life makes some really cute ones and a lot of them have sweet sayings on them too.

iipsrv.fcgi21. Air Freshener

Koozies and Stickers

Stickers are small and can be put anywhere, and koozies are perfect for drinks! These can be found just about anywhere and there are ones out there for everyone, but personally I LOVE the ones from Southern Girl Prep!

22. SGPrep Koozie23. SGPrep Sticker

Fun Things!

Sometimes it is just fun to put in some silly or cute things like silly socks or accessories to make someone laugh. Or, it is just fun to have some out of the ordinary or unique things in your stocking.

24. Mermaid Socks/ 25. Disco Ball Tumbler

There are so many more fun ways to fill your stockings, but I just wanted to put together a few! And it is even better when they are all under $20 because they are fun finds with a fun price that is easy on the wallet!

I hope y’all have a fabulous rest of the week!

xoxo, Annie


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