I Have My Own Etsy Store Now!

Hey Y’all!!

SOOOO…I am so excited and I bet you have already figured out why just by looking at this post’s title. I FINALLY HAVE MY OWN ETSY SHOP!

This has been something I have wanted since I was in middle school because it gives me a way to sell my work – cute prints, my hand lettering and stuff like that. I have a very limited selection of items currently because it has just gone up in the past few days, but I am currently working on adding more products. I am just so excited about this and getting to showcase my work and be able to sell it! I am going to link my shop at the end of this post so y’all can check it out, but for now I am going to show y’all the four items that are currently listed on my shop!

1: Spread Love Like Nutella / 2: Oh Happy Day

3. This Hope is an Anchor / 4. You’re my Main Squeeze

If something sells out, just message me on Etsy which one you want and I will make one you can purchase!

My Etsy shop can be found HERE

Please check it out! Also, now anything related to my shop will be posted underneath the “Shop” menu tab here on the blog. 

Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Annie


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