What I Eat in a Day – Marching Band Edition

Hey y’all! 

So I have been in the middle of my last high school band camp and that’s why I have been so inactive! But I’m having so much fun with my band and teaching everyone to March. So far, being Woodwind captain has been lots of hard work but also really exciting and I’m really loving it! 

But along with marching band season comes a drastic diet and schedule change. I have to cut out most milk and cheese and eat more veggies and fruit. BIG MARCHING BAND LESSON: heat and dairy do NOT mix! I tend to eat way healthier and drink a ton more water because we have these gigantic gallon water jugs for rehearsal and competitions. I feel so much better during this time of year because of this diet change, the more water, and all the exercise! 


For breakfast I usually have the same things every day but I sometimes mix up the way I eat them. Some days it’s avocado on wheat toast with scrambled eggs and a strip or two of bacon. Other days, I take wheat flat bread buns and spread the avocado on that and then put the avocado and bacon on top of that. I usually eat this when I’m running late so I can just wrap it and eat it during my leadership meeting in the morning. This is really full of protein and it keeps me full from 6:30am until I get to eat at 11:00am or so. It also tastes great! Every morning I eat some fruit too – usually raspberrys, strawberrys, grapes or pineapple. And then I try to drink a whole bottle of water! 


Lunch really consists of anything the band’s booster club feeds us that day. This can range from sandwiches to Chick-fil-A to even sometimes pizza. If it’s a day where it’s greasy pizza or something of that sort, I tend to only get a few pieces and then mostly eat veggies and fruit. We eat a ton after working out for 4 hours so sometimes this balances out. But eating veggies and fruit every day is really important and helps keep our strength up! I usually drink another bottle or two of water at lunch because even after drinking everything outside, I tend to be a little dehydrated from being in the heat.


For my afternoon snack I usually bring something like a protein bar, granola bar, peanut butter crackers and then some fruit. It’s usually just something light for my mid afternoon snack between all of my sectionals and music rehearsals. 


Dinner is usually what my mom makes. She’s a great cook! ๐Ÿ™‚


I hope y’all enjoyed this version of what I eat in a day! Check out the rest of my blog for more food, DIYs, fashion and more! Have a great week!

xoxo, Annie


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