Scripture Sunday

Hey Y’all!

I have been meaning to start a Scripture Sunday series but life has been super stressful the past couple of months. Thankfully, I am so calm right now because I am in Seaside! The beautiful ocean and white sand is just so peaceful and it’s almost feels like I can breathe easier. 

Honestly this environment is just such a good reminder of how amazing God is. In Texas, we have Galveston, and I love being only an hour from the beach but our water is pretty brown and the water here in Seaside is so clear and blue. It’s amazing to think that God made all of this and that the blue ocean just keeps going and going – like His love for us. I feel like the ocean and mountains are just representations of how insanely powerful He is. 

But all of this really inspired me to begin this series since I am so at peace today and so reminded of God’s power and love! I chose a favorite verse of mine and I feel it is fitting for my current location and how I am feeling. So today, I am going to close out this short post with the verse. 

Today’s Verse:

Psalm 93:4

Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you.


Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Annie

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