Sashka|Co Bracelet Collection + Rep Code

Hey Y’all!

So if you follow me on insta, you’ve probably seen that I’m an ambassador for Sashka|Co! This company is honestly my FAVE place to get bracelets. They have a great cause and just have super cute and well made products.

Their cause: Each bracelet is hand crocheted bead by bead by a skilled artisan in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Every time someone purchases a bracelet, it empowers women to rise above poverty through fair trade and provides them with a steady job and income. How much better can that get? You get a gorgeous bracelet and another person gets a job and a steady income!

As an ambassador and Sashka girl, I get the privilege to spread the word about this amazing company and I realized I haven’t done a blog post yet! So today/tonight I am sharing my current collection of all of my Sashka|Co bracelets!

So those are allllllll of my 14 bracelets I currently have! I am still building my collection because I absolutely ADORE these bracelets!

Also, if you have decided you want any of these bracelets, I have a rep code to give to my followers and it takes 25% off your purchase when used at checkout! My code is APrepster25 ! Be sure to check out Sashka|Co and I will link their website down below! Also, if you wouldn’t mind, follow me on my blog’s insta and check out the rest of my blog!

Sashka|Co Website

P.S. There is a sale going on RIGHT now on the Sashka|Co website for buy 2 get 2 free!

xoxo, Annie


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