April PLAY! Box

Hey Y’all! 

I just received my first ever PLAY! by Sephora box today, so this post is going to be information about Sephora PLAY! and my initial first impressions!

So to start off, the Sephora PLAY! subscription box is $10 a month and there is usually a waiting list to get on the subscription list. I was on the wait list since late December and I finally got moved to the subscription on the 10th of March. I didn’t get last month’s box (sadly) because I registered after the 5th. This made me really sad because it was a whole glow and highlight box *cries*. When you get on the list, you fill out your PLAY! profile with everything from your skin color and type to what your makeup preferences are. 

The boxes generally ship in two days so that nothing in the box becomes damaged on long flights and they are also usually delivered to your door so that they don’t sit in the heat in your mailbox. (I got mine in the mail today and it shipped on Monday afternoon.) 
Also, I know that some people have reviewed this subscription poorly because they expect that Sephora will be sending your way more for $10. Honestly, I think this is a great amount and makes sense for that price. They send you five regular or deluxe samples with an added fragrance. Also, it comes in a printed, really durable box with a small bag inside to hold all of the products AND a Sephora PLAY! Pass and a key on how to use all of the products. 

The Sephora PLAY! Pass gives you the ability to receive 50 extra Beauty Insider points when you buy something between getting your box and the last day of that month. (For ex: I have until the last day of April to purchase anything and retrieve my points) The catch is that you have to go in a store to retrieve your points but I really don’t find that this is as big of a deal since I live about 15 minutes from a Sephora. Also, the pass gives you the ability to have free one-on-one tutorial with a beauty advisor at Sephora to help you even more with all of your products you received in your box.

But ANYWAYS…the EXCITING part! Here is what is in my April 2017, first Sephora PLAY! Box.

This month’s box was titled “Step it Up!” and is supposed to be products that help you with your skincare routine and setting you up for the most success with your makeup.

When I first opened the box I saw the PLAY! Logo and the little booklet with my PLAY! Pass and instructions. Underneath was this super cute bag with all of the products inside!

This is what the little booklet/pamphlet looks like. It had cute like graphics all over it and you can remove the PLAY! Pass on the front.

This is what the inside of the little pamphlet  looks like when you unfold it. It has all of the products inside of it that you receive and what the purpose and making of them are.

When you flip it over, the sheet has little tips on how to keep your skin healthy and how to have the most success out of your everyday makeup. (For example: #8 is how to get natural looking brows)

So this is the bag and this might just be my favorite part about the whole entire box. The bag itself is made of a really durable fabric. It also has a cute girl with red hair and a blue crown and it says “The best things in life are me!” underneath on a little pink banner. I really adore the pink ribbons that pull the bag together at the top! I think this would be great for stowing away anything from your makeup to jewelry in your bags!

One of the first items I saw when I opened the bag was this really cute exfoliating mask from Kate Somerville. It’s supposed to help exfoliate your skin and the mask only takes 2 minutes! This would be perfect for right before school since it takes such a short amount of time! Also, it smells AMAZING!

The next thing I saw was this Makeup For Ever waterproof eyeliner! I got so excited when I saw this because Sephora revealed this as the one sneak peek item a few days ago! I swatched it on my hand and it went on like butter! It is really pigmented and super easy, it almost glides!

The next thing I saw was this Moisturizer by Peter Thomas Roth. I’ve been looking for a good moisturizer so I’m really excited to test this one out!

I also received this waterproof eye makeup remover and it is just a Sephora named product. I’ve been trying to find something to remove my waterproof mascara easier and hopefully this does!

The last product I received was one I was INSANELY excited about! It is the Photo Finish foundation primer but Smashbox! I have heard so many great things about this primer and I cannot wait to try it out!

And finally I received a fragrance like they put in every box each month. This one is a classic scent: “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs, and I think it would be great to just throw in your purse or makeup bag because it’s so small and great for on the go!

Well that was everything in my first ever Sephora PLAY! Box.

Final Thoughts/First Impressions: I overall really enjoyed my first box and I think that there are a lot of really great items in here. I really think that I’ll use all of these and that all of them really are good things to have on hand, especially when they are travel sized! Iwould totally recommend supscribing or signing up for the wait list because I think it is worth the $10 for this many products and the amount of each product they give you! Plus, who wouldn’t want a super cute bag each long? You could have a collection!

Click HERE to subscribe and/or get on the waiting list for Sephora PLAY!

Well that’s it for this post! Please check out the rest of my menu tabs and posts on my blog and thank you so much for reading! 

xoxo, Annie


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