What’s in my Purse

Hey Y’all!

Happy Saturday everyone! I wanted to end the week with a fun blog post about one of my favorite things…PURSES. I LOVE purses!!!! If you have been following along for a while, you would know that for Christmas I received a darling and gorgeous Kate Spade purse from my boyfriend Sebastian. It has become my go to purse and I am now obsessed! It is such a great tote bag with plenty of room for all of my necessities!

In this blog post you will find all of my purse necessities and what I carry around on a daily basis!

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So here is my lovely bag full to the brim with all of my necessities 🙂

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As you can probably tell, it really does fit a very large amount of things and isn’t even completely full yet. Haha!

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I mean, look at all of the stuff I can keep in this tote bag!!


First off, I have my water bottle which has also been shown in my Christmas Faves post. I got it as a gift but I know it came from Francesca’s. It keeps water and other drinks ice cold for really long periods of time. When I woke up this morning, I still had ice in it from yesterday! It is also super cute and says FABULOUS in a gorgeous gold font down the side! (Because everybody should be reminded they are fab!) And who doesn’t love a good old white and gold color combo?

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Next, I have two must haves for any purse: a wallet and a pair of earbuds.

1. Wallet: This adorable wallet came from Charming Charlie’s and has cute, pink flamingoes all over it! I like it because it is big enough to hold lots of cards, receipts, and has a change pocket!

2. Earbuds: Of course I have a pair of earbuds in my purse because I never know when I will need them!  I just have a pair of classic Apple earbuds in my Lilly Pulitzer earbud case I got from the After Party Sale a year or two ago!

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In my purse I have another must have: my makeup bag! This may seem like a lot of stuff for a purse but I use pretty much all of these on a daily basis, haha! (P.S. Most of the titles are links to the products)

1. My mini wet hair brush: This comes in handy so much! My hair is really thick and this brush does a really great job of detangling it all

2. A cute headband and hair tie: These are always good to have on hand. I like being able to just tie my hair back or pull it back with a headband if it starts getting humid or my hair goes a little crazy!

3. Clinique Superpowder double face makeup in matte beige: Gosh that’s a long name…haha! This powder is my absolute favorite! It is really good at covering up a few blemishes or just helping you look a little fresher.

4. Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Montaigne: This eyeshadow palette was also shown in my Christmas Faves post. It has five very basic, neutral colors and is perfect for everyday! Plus, it’s small enough to just throw in your purse.

5. Lilly Pulitzer Shell Mirror: I also got this from the After Party Sale a year or two back. It’s super cute and a good size – perfect for any Lilly loving girl’s purse!

6. Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen in Rosé: This is by far one of my all time favorite lip products. It has a SPF of 15 so it is really good for your lips and is also super moisturizing! The color is a nice,sheer and rosy pink. (I have a mini because I purchased one of Sephora’s favorite lip product boxes last semester and this was included)

7. Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love: This was also featured in my Christmas Faves post. It is a very natural, nudeish-pink and it is currently my favorite! It is also Long-lasting! (16 hours)

8. Cuticle Trimmers: These are just really good to have on hand!

9. Benefit Gimme Brow in shade #5: Yet again, here is another product I purchased around Christmas time, haha! This brow product is small enough to throw in any purse or clutch and definitely does its job! It is perfect for filling in those few places in your brows where the hairs are kind of sparse. It has little microfibers in the product that help volumes and make the brows look natural even after you put it on.

10. Revlon Eyelash Curler: This is my favorite eyelash curler and I just like having it on me in case my eyelashes need any touchups!

11. Too Faced Retractable, Kabuki Muli-Tasking Brush: Y’all, I know I said I was going to try and save my Sephora money for a later time, but when I saw this I could not resist! Made with Too Faced’s Teddy Bear Hair, it is so so so so so so soft! It feels so good when you are using it and even retracts for easy storage. (This also helps with keeping it clean) This is now my favorite brush I own and it is perfect for powder and blush! (They also say it works great with bronzers and liquid makeup!)

12. Lancöme Juicy Shaker in Boom-Meringue: I got this product from the same box I got the Sugar Lip Treatment in. This one is actually a full size though and is my all time favorite lip product. It is an almost clear-pink and smells really good! It is a gloss but it isn’t sticky. (It’s very smooth and feels good on the lips)

13. Sephora Makeup Sponges:  This is Sephora’s knockoff of the Beauty Blender and it actually works pretty well! They expand almost as much as the Beauty Blender when you put it under the faucet and they blend really well for the price. They are a good, less expensive alternative to a Beauty Blender. I like using my pink one for concealer + foundation and my blue one for touchups around my eyes.

14. Eyeshadow Brush: This is always good to have handy for touching up little things around your eyes! I also like having this on hand because of carrying my little Dior palette around.

15. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: Y’all. This mascara is flipping AMAZING! I have been using it for about a year and a half now and I will never go back to any other mascara. It is by far the best mascara I have ever used. The brush is fabulous and Too Faced crams so much product in the tube so it lasts for a long, long time. Also, a little bit goes a looming way! (You can probably tell by now that I really like Too Faced…they’re my favorite brand, haha!)

16. Makeup Bag: I keep all of my makeup products in this adorable makeup bag. I got it off of Amazon a few years back and it is a nice size to keep lots of beauty goodies in!

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The last things I keep in my purse are my notebook, planner, and some pens.

1. Mini Notebook: I got this cute notebook from Target 2 years back and I never got around to using it until a few months ago. Its cover is super cute and I put all of my blog planning info + ideas in here!

2. Mini Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw me post about getting my two items from the After Party Sale in this week. One of those items was this mini agenda and I am so happy it came in! I usually carry around my really big, planner that I also use for school, and it was turning into kind of a hassle. I am glad I can just finally have a little, light-weight one for my purse. I am a planner addict and I always need to have one on me!

3. Pens/Markers: I LOVE my Tombow brush markers I got for Christmas, so I now carry a few with me at all times because I am determined to write EVERYTHING in an adorable, whimsical font! But I also carry around a simple black pen to write in my agenda with!

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Lastly, I also have to carry my keys with me since I drive, or so I can get into my house! I am obsessed with keychains so I have a few on here! I have my monogram in the Lilly Pulitzer print First Impressions, my car key + house key, a golden Snitch because I LOVE Harry Potter (Sebastian got it for me), a little diamond, and a cute license place A. My besties and I all got matching letter keychains when we went to Six Flags for band last year and I like keeping mine on my keys!


Well, that was a really long blog post…haha! That is everything I keep in my purse!

Thank you for reading and please check out the rest of my blog, follow me on my social media for my blog, and check back later for more! (I recently added a follow page at the top of the blog where all of my accounts are listed since some icons aren’t available for the sidebar) 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

xoxo, Annie


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