Hello World!

Welcome to my blog!

I am SO excited to share my style, creativity and favorites with y’all! I’m still getting the hang of things so wish me luck. I feel like for my first post, I should share a little bit about myself.


My name is Annie and I am a high school junior. I’m obsessed with planners + journals, crafting, the smell of old books, peonies, drawing, good food and Disney. Also, of course my monogram has to be on EVERYTHING. I’m a Jesus-lovin’ southern belle and I am Texas born and raised.

My heart is happily occupied by a pretty awesome boy and we have been dating for over two years. He’s my best friend and makes my day.

I LOVE shopping, especially with my bffs! (Who are wonderful human beings) However, I’m basically broke…so I’m going to be showing y’all how to achieve a preppy/current look on a limited budget.

My family is really cool, seriously, you have no idea. My parents are the bomb.

I’m also in marching band and play clarinet so music is a HUGE part of my life. So do not be alarmed if I bring out my inner band geek every once in a while!

I think this is it for now, but stay tuned for posts. I will be trying to post at least once a week.

xoxo, Annie


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