101 in 1001

Hey Y’all!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “101 in 1001,” it is essentially a list of goals and things you would like to accomplish in a set amount of time. That is, 101 goals completed 1001 days from the day you begin. A few of my fave fellow bloggers and now friends have done this challenge (cnprepster, A Pocketful of Faith and many more) and I have loved watching them go through this and keeping up with everything. They really inspired me to do this too…it just looks so fun! 

I almost can’t believe where I’ll be in 1001 days. I’ll be almost halfway through my junior year of college…that seems i-n-s-a-n-e! Like…WOW!! So much can happen between now and then and I can’t wait to see what happens and where I’ll be on that day! Inspired by Faith from A Pocketful of Faith, I‘ll be breaking my goals up into categories since that seems like the best way to organize and keep track of my goals – and they’ll be easier to locate when I accomplish them so I can cross them out. I am so ready for this!!

Start date: January 16, 2018

End date: October 13, 2020

Currently Accomplished: 61/101


1. get 4’s on all of my pieces art at VASE  (competed and awarded on 2/24/18)

2. enter the Rodeo competition for photography (entered 1/26/18)

3. go to senior prom (5/12/18)

4. finish Precal with at least a B (5/31/18)

5. finish anatomy with an A (5/31/18)

6. maintain my GPA and rank until graduation

7. order my Cap + Gown; the excitement is so real y’all!!! (1/18/18)

8. create an art project for school that I am 100% proud of (4/18-5/18)

9. make a scrapbook of senior year (WORKING ON IT NOW!)

10. Go to ProGrad (6/1/18-6/2/18)

11. graduate!!!!! (6/1/18)


1. design a killer dorm room (8/12/18)

2. march in/attend my first college football game as a student (9/1/18)

3. take a college printmaking class

4. go to college orientation (6/21/18)

5. find my roommate for college  (4/7/18)


7. go to a UH basketball game  (Played in every one as a band member and shot them as a photographer!)

8. join a Christian Organization (YL College)

9. go to puppy therapy at the library during finals


1. try soul cycle

2. try a yoga class

3. eat a healthy school lunch every day for a week (did this during prom prep)

4. get a gym membership and exercise consistently (got a membership and I am working out 3-5 times a week!)

5. find a class I enjoy (LOVE a weights class at my gym!)

6. go a couple days without my face makeup to try and give my skin a break (I have completely eliminated face makeup!)


1. go on a road trip with friends  (drove to New Braunfels for the day! 6/25/18)

2. make some art prints for friends

3. learn how to cook 5 recipes from my mom

4. take Sebastian out for dinner just because

5. have a photoshoot with a friend (took my bestie’s senior pics 5/6/18)

6. buy a present for a friend just because

7. buy my parents something  (I bought my parents matching CHIO parent Tees)

8. dress up and go out to dinner with my girl friends or Seb just because

9. go on a picnic with my besties

10. treat Sebastian to something sweet on our food bucketlist after work or school

FAITH {2/5}

1. go on another church retreat (RYM Colorado 6/11-16/18)

2. do an entry in my art bible every day for a week

3. read my Bible every day for a month

4. lead a lesson on something big at Band Girls Bible Study

5. run or volunteer as a leader in a Christian organization 


1. invest in a monogram machine like a cricut or silhouette

2. create business cards for my shop  (2/7/18)

3. save for an embossing kit

4. save up for an iPad Pro and an apple pen to create professional prints (6/1/18)

5. get a new camera (8/18)

6. get a specialty lens for my camera

7. make my own stickers and sell them in my shop (6/27/18)

8. get an ink drop pen or a real ink + calligraphy set and learn how to properly use them

9. try a new art media that is fun and new and different!

10. try making a dream catcher for the shop, and sell it!

11. take an art class at Honey Art Cafe

12. draw or doodle something for fun every day for a week

13. get a better set of lettering paint brushes (2/4/18)

14. make something GIANT like a bigger than life art piece

15. try some crazy pics on my camera like long exposure

16. submit my work for an art show and get in!

17. reach 100 Sales on my Etsy Shop


1. reach 1,000 followers on @theartsyprepster – the insta

2. get 200+ likes on an insta photo (8/18)

3. collaborate with 5 bloggers

4. make my blog/shop a Pinterest board (June 2018)

5. meet a blogger friend in person

6. make an email list for the blog

7. publish 100 blog posts

8. Deep clean the blog

9. make a blog page with a collage of some of my art work (4/3/18)

10. become a Jadelynn Brooke Ambassador – high school or college (8/18)

11. make a blog post with all of my designed Lilly Pulitzer binder covers

12. redo the blog’s logo (2/10/18)

13. have a day where I prewrite all of my blog posts for the week

15. consistently keep up with my blogging schedule for a month

14. create a lookbook post for the blog

15. organize my blog posts into better categories


1. travel outside of the country

2. go to Disney at Christmas time

3. travel to New York

4. go somewhere where it is really snowing

5. try Cookie Dō in NYC

6. go to the MET in NYC

7. take a spontaneous trip

8. finally meet Belle at Disney World…aka MY FAVE PRINCESS EVER!

9. go hiking again (6/11-16/18)

10. try something from the magnolia market bakery

11. see in person more than 5 of Yayoi Kusama’s infinity rooms (3 out of 5 as of now)

12. see another broadway show

13. go to at least 2 more concerts


1. finish Gilmore Girls

2. get a job

3. start a quote journal and write in it every day for a month

4. make 5 recipes off of my food pinterest board

5. make my bed every day for 2 weeks (I make my bed every day now)

6. sort through the 10,000+ photos on my phone

7. make a vision board (Find it on Pinterest!)

8. buy myself a birthday present

9. fill up my disney themed enamel pin board and have buy a bigger one

10. write in my gratitude journal everyday for a week

11. learn how to apply liquid eyeliner really well

12. make time to read and finish a book I have on my shelf but haven’t read yet

13. clean out my closet

14. have a day where I get done all of the things that just sit on my to do list

15. learn something new + get out of my comfort zone


11 + 9 + 6 + 10 + 5 + 17 + 15 + 13 + 15101

xoxo, annie