Why I Rebranded

Hey Y’all!

Gosh it is 2019…I’ve been so bad about writing. But here I am.

Lots of big things have happened since my last post, and the biggest?


I know right? SO AWESOME! Boss BabeZ Designs is a DREAM.

Truth be told, I’ve gotten a lot of DMs or comments from people saying they preferred my original name….DELETE LOL. But seriously These are kinda rude. Some are just asking and mean no harm and others are just trolling…*rolls eyes* I hear stuff like:


“I liked your name before.”

“Yeah..no. Liked the name before.”

and my fave…

*rolling eye emoji*

How kind and supportive and boss babe-like right?

Honestly I’ve just been ignoring it and deleting those comments and DMs because I’m doing this whole rebranding thing for a reason and for ME. Not for the people who question me doing it.

I rebranded because I, ME, decided I’m growing as a person and my shop did too. The Artsy Prepster started as a blog, and then I added the shop. And truth be told, I am lightyears ahead of where I was in the beginning of high school when this blog was started. I am a different person. My shop needed to reflect that, and guess what? I KNEW what name it was going to be from the beginning.

Boss BabeZ Designs is formed from my fave thing to call my fellow girl bosses and go getters. It is a brand/shop for kindness, empowerment, acceptance, and the best thing ever…COLOR. It is for me. It is for y’all. It is a safe place full of FUN. This name allows me to branch out to EVERYONE and just be me!

I am moving forward and running as fast as I can with my rebranded shop and these new goals and I hope y’all continue to stay with me because I, Annie, am proud of myself. This is what I want. To put it bluntly, screw the haters. Because Boss BabeZ Designs isn’t for them. It is for the REAL girl bosses.

Check out everything new in the shop with the cute little etsy “E” widget on the right side bar or the menu option for the shop!

With love and confetti,


Annie’s Guide to Editing, Design, Artist Etiquette + More.

Hey y’all!

Wow, I have been writing this blog post for three months and I just haven’t gotten around to posting it. Actually, I haven’t really known if I’ve wanted to or not.

I’m constantly asked what products, software, camera and etc. I use for my art and shop. Usually it is a few times a day and sometimes it can even get confrontational. (This is the WORST). It takes up so much time to individually answer everyone’s questions without sounding like a snooty artist who isn’t willing to share.


Truth be told y’all, I have worked so hard to get to where I am. I never thought I would be owning a business. I never though I would be doing calligraphy and lettering. I never thought I would learn how to edit photos. But I’m here. And I have. It’s a crazy feeling.

I remember what it was like being in a place of wonder and curiosity. (Honestly I still am a large part of the time.) I remember looking at people’s videos or posts on Instagram and wondering how they did things. I remember wanting to buy everything that I possibly could in order to make me a better artist. But here’s the deal, y’all.

Art and creativity and success are not based on the products you use. They are not based on the money you spend. There is no EXACT paint brush for that will make you do paint calligraphy like a pro. There is no EXACT graphics software that will allow you to draw or design like someone with a graphic design degree. There is no camera that will make you automatically take pictures like a professional photographer. An iPad Pro and an apple pen will not make you be amazing at digital lettering. But there are things you can do.

You can practice and do drills. You can buy a cheap set of brush pens or even crayola markers. (I learned how to letter with crayola markers). You can look up “how to” videos on YouTube. But practice is key.

If I told you everything that worked for me, majority of you would probably come back and say that it didn’t work for you. Do you know why? It’s because I have practiced and put in all of the years of searching for what works for me. I’ve put in the time to learn how to do calligraphy and hand lettering. I’ve put in the time to figure things out. Time is valuable. Time is precious. Time is what makes you good at something.

As an artist, we LOVE comments. We love hearing comments. We love helping other people get started. But repeatedly being asked what exact products you use can kind of become insulting. It takes years of time to figure out your style, your apps, your software, your skills, your favorite products, and to reveal them all to people in just a paragraph? It feels like a waste. It feels sad and hurtful. It feels wrong. All of that searching and money saved and nights staying up figuring out software and the exact way to tilt a paint brush seem meaningless. And it’s because it kind of is.

When you are curious, remember who you are talking to if you ask questions. Think about how it might make them feel. Because as a creator, you spend years on your craft. And an artist will never reveal everything to you because giving everything away – it’s not right when you spend years collecting information. Also, if you ever wish to repost something, be sure to contact the artist and ask permission. Always tag the artist/original content creator on the image and within your caption – not just on the picture. Artists spend so much time creating and it is the right thing to do!

As for products, as for advice, as for helping people get started…I’m totally down for it. I’m so here for helping people get started. It’s an amazing journey. Creativity is a GIFT and a JOY. It is a wonderful ride. But I will not be revealing my steps and everything because it is just not right when it probably wouldn’t work for everyone and it also wouldn’t be fair. Instead, take the things I give you and explore the internet a bit too to find what works best for YOU and where you are and what style you wish to have. So, here are some frequent questions I get asked and as an answer: great beginner and starter options for design, lettering, editing and more.

How Do You Do Calligraphy? What are The Best Products to Use?

I did a post on how to letter a few months ago with some products and I will link that HERE. But, some great starter products are crayola markers. The fat ones and the skinnier tip ones are great for beginners. Papermate felt tips are also great. I used to letter with both. They are cheap, easily disposable, and create some really cool lettering.

How Do You Make Your Insta Stories or Draw on Your Pics?

Design. This has been really big for me because I am going into graphic design. I adore the field and it makes my heart pump just thinking about all of the possibilities. For beginners, I recommend looking into apps. I used collage apps in the beginning like “pic collage” or text ones like “phonto” and stuff like “polyvore” and etc to build my love for stickers, collages, overlays, and fonts. They got me into the whole field. Honestly, go through the photography or editing section of the App Store and find things you like. My current fave that I start all of mine with is “Story Art”. Go to Pinterest and find things as well. Then, surf the web once you are comfortable and wish to find more advanced stuff. I love drawing on my pics, but I use paid software and often doodle exactly what I want.

How Do You Edit Your Pictures?

Pictures. Photography. Editing. These are all what I get a LOT of questions about. And again, I started with basics. I started with just Instagram filters and moved to things like “afterlight” and “vsco” and “a color story”. All of these are great for pics. However, some of the cost money or there are in app purchases. “Pics art” is always a fave, it has been since when it came out, but the ads get SUPER annoying. Editing reaches a point where you have to invest. I also use collage apps and now, I now use software to draw and layer my photos and add personalized doodles. I use a huge range of Adobe software just for one post or picture, and my mixture might now work for you like it does for me. So search the internet for a style you like and go from there! The app store charts for photography is a great place to start!

Do You Love Your IPAD PRO? What Kind is It? How Big? Do You Recommend it – I Want to Get Started in Lettering!

This is the MOST asked about. I get questions every day about editing, and THIS. Yes, I LOVE my IPAD PRO. I ADORE it! It was a gift and something I had been dying to have for a very, very, VERY long time. I have the largest size (13in) and I also have the apple pen. I 110% recommend this. I letter, design, edit and just about anything on it. HOWEVER – if you are a beginner and want this specifically for drawing: DO NOT BUY. I would recommend learning out to do real hand lettering and calligraphy first. The apple pen and design software does not make you perfect at lettering. You have to know what you are doing beforehand with strokes and fonts and layouts and more. It would be a complete waste of money for you to invest in this expensive device and end up not using it or being disappointed because it doesn’t improve your handwriting or designing. (I know people who have done this and it is really sad. It is an AMAZING product) Once again, it is about practice. Time is important, and materials do not make you an amazing artist. I still love doing calligraphy and lettering with Crayola markers and felt tip pens. When you know what you’re doing, even cheap materials are a tool. Anything is a tool. Practice, practice, practice. When you are ready and know that you will love it and use it every day, then you should buy it. Don’t buy it and hope it works out because it is just a waste of a LOT of money.

What Camera Do You Use?

I mostly use my phone camera (I have an iPhone 8) but I also use my camera for photography and that is a Canon T6i. I also have a larger size lens. Phone cameras often work great nowadays so don’t feel like you need an expensive camera to take great pictures! I love my camera and it is amazing, but my phone takes great instant pictures and I don’t have to lug a 10+ pound camera around with me. But my camera….gosh it is like my BABY! I’m a Canon girl all the way!

My Biggest, Most Important Advice

When you are getting started in the field of art, design, editing and more, stay open. Be curious. Search the web. But stay true to your style and what you want to do. You need to have fun. Don’t buy something you know you won’t use just because everyone else does. Buy something you know you’ll use over and over. Explore your options. Look through photography apps in the app store. Search the internet for what you’re looking for. You can often find how to’s on just about anything. But HAVE FUN. If you are doing it because everyone else is, it isn’t fun. Do it for yourself. Art is a journey. Creativity and self expression is a long, long road and everyone has different stories. Find YOUR path instead of trying to follow someone else’s because your story is unique and so is your style!

I hope that this blog post did something for someone in finding a road for themselves and I hope it also teaches some etiquette in asking questions of artists and how we treat them. I used to be super curious too, and had to learn that sometimes the way we ask things can be insulting to someone’s field and experience. Remember to be kind, respectful, specific, and give creators credit for their work! But if someone tells you that they don’t reveal the way they do something, remember that it is okay! They aren’t being rude, they just have worked for a long time in their craft and have found what works for them. When art is your business, you usually don’t want to reveal everything that works for you, because your talent and tricks are how you make a living! 🙂

Have a great week and check out my Etsy Shop by clicking the widget on the right side bar or the etsy shop button in the top menu!

xoxo, annie

Advice for High Schoolers – Q+A

Hey Y’all!

Wow. I haven’t posted a blog post since February…life has been SO crazy! From the end of senior year, to graduation, to vacations and Etsy shop launches and so much more…yeah I haven’t had time to sit down a write a good ol’ fashion blog post, haha!

Now, going into college, I wanted to write a high school advice Q+A post. I asked for questions on Instagram and got so many responses. I am going to answer a bunch of those here and compile them all into one big post for advice on a variety of different topics. I actually did a post like this about a year ago, but good ol’ WordPress decided to go ahead and delete half of my post that I worked DAYS on. So here we are, doing this ALL OVER AGAIN! 

Personal Experience Questions

1. “What is something you wish you knew going into high school?”

I wish I knew that it is okay to be different and that not everything is going to be like those cherished high school musical movies. High school is hard in a lot of different ways, and you go through so much personal growth. I wish I had known that it is okay to stand out and be confident in who I am instead of trying to live up so much to other people’s expectations and trying to fit into a mold of who they wanted me to be.

2. “Was high school easy for you?”

High school was definitely not easy for me. I always have loved school and learning but I struggled a lot with not only certain classes but also emotionally with a lot of different things. From friends to precal, and an insane band schedule, I was always super stressed. I was super involved and I always felt a little overwhelmed. But you go through patches of easy times and hard. For example, football season was always a struggle with band for me because I would have marching band every day after school until late so I wouldn’t be able to start my art projects or homework until late. But second semester was often a lot better and less stressful. I also led a bible study for band girls with some of my besties and was on officer in National Art Honor Society in addition to being woodwind captain and a leader in band. I think I really struggled with filling my plate too much to do because I like to be involved, and then it was hard to balance some of my more difficult classes. Percal, algebra two, and physics were really hard for me and I had to start tutoring which led to more studying and even less sleep. Emotionally, I went through a patch of not really being in a good place and it made it harder. But I eventually found myself getting a lot better and it was more smooth sailing from there. Anyone who says high school was easy is probably lying. We all struggle in different ways whether it is friends, academics, extra curricular activities, mentally or whatever. Everyone works through something but it gets better and it is honestly just a huge roller coaster!

3. “What are some things that helped you through high school?”

I think this can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. I had a really great support group of my parents, boyfriend and eventually an awesome group of friends. It was always good to have people to talk to and help me work through things when I was struggling with something. In terms of actual things, my planner, my art, my math tutor, and learning time management got me through. I really struggled in math and I wouldn’t have gotten through advanced precal or algebra two without my math tutor. My planner and phone calendar helped me stay really organized so I never forgot an assignment – I’m one of those people that color codes and obsessively uses their planner, haha! My art just helped me through emotionally because it was something I could get lost in when I needed to. Time management was HUGE. I really struggled at first with biting off too much than I could chew in terms of classes and tried to balance a lot of difficult classes my freshmen year and I had to learn that it is okay not to take all pre-college or college level classes. GPA matter immensely but it is also important to get some sleep and actually learn something instead of killing yourself to get a C in a college level class and not actually learn anything. Eventually, my bible study I led with my besties really helped me through. It was great to have people to talk to once a week and pray with you!

4. “What was the best part of high school?”

I think the best parts of high school were the people I met and the things I got to be apart of. Through band and art, I got to meet some of the best friends I have ever had and meet some really awesome people. I met my besties and my awesome boyfriend through band in middle school and we all continued through high school. Band makes you develop really great, deep relationships with your friends because of the countless hours of sweat, tears and hard work. We all got to travel, compete and practice together and that meant hours upon hours of time to get really close. These are people I will cherish forever and talk to every day! I also will never forget that amazing feeling of walking off a football field after great performance or hearing our band’s name called at a competition – it is amazing to get to experience it all with your favorite people! Through art I met people that encouraged me and mentored me and helped me grow as an artist and as a person. It is amazing to have people you can call at 2 am when working on a project and don’t know how to move forward, and know they will help you get through your art-block. The people are definitely the best part of high school.

College Prep Questions

1. “How did you find colleges with your major?”

In terms of major choice, since I am a graphic design major, it was hard to decide between going to a university or an art school. I landed on a university because I am super involved and still wanted to travel with the band and join organizations and etc. Since I live in Texas, we have TONS of schools to choose from and I looked up colleges with the best art programs in Texas. I found a bunch of lists that ranked public, large universities and their design programs. I found that three of the universities I already loved, and that were close to my home, were ranked in the top 5 – University of Houston, University of Texas at Austin, and Texas State University. I eventually decided to apply to only UH and TXST because they fit me best and after visiting their programs, I loved them the most! I got my acceptance letters for both and decided that I just loved Houston too much to leave! The program is great, lets you grow, has a nationally ranked honors program, and has an amazing band, and other organizations! It was still in the top 5, and even though it was ranked right below TXST, I knew it was right for me. It isn’t always about what is THE best, but instead what is a great, established program and is right FOR YOU!

2. “How do you choose between the act/sat?”

Since I am an art major, and I really excel in writing and reading, I decided the SAT was probably my best bet. I took the PSAT my first two years of high school and did really well, and I assumed it was best for me. I also found two websites: one that in depth explained what the differences were, and another explained why one might be better for you than the other. (I’ll link them here and here) Like I assumed, the SAT was better for me and I did pretty well. You also can take both if you can’t decide or if necessary! Princeton Review also has a really helpful quiz on if you should take one or the other, or both – linked here.

3. “When should you start taking the act/sat and apply to colleges?”

For me, I couldn’t take any sat classes until Christmas break of my junior year because of marching band. This meant I couldn’t take the sat until January. This actually was INCREDIBLY helpful because I learned so much more math material and had more time for preparation. The sat and act have higher level math on it, and it was really helpful to know at least the first semester of algebra two – so you can receive a higher score on math sections. I recommend taking a class for whatever test you take close to your first test date so you remember the tips and tricks. But second semester of your junior year is the perfect! It allows time to learn higher level material that you need but also early enough to take the tests a few times! As for college apps, I started my applications the moment they were open! It is during the summer, but I had my applications done by the first or second week of my senior year and then I was free while everyone else was struggling and working both on school work and applications. I also heard back faster because I applied so early – before majority of people even started. It helps get everything out of the way for so you can focus on your senior year and apply for scholarships!

Organization/Study Questions

1. “How to prioritize?”

I highly recommend getting a planner with lots of room to write and has both weekly and monthly spreads. I color code mine so I can see everything I need to do clearly. Also, ALWAYS do assignments due sooner first. For example, if you have an english paper due next week but a percale worksheet due tomorrow, do the percale worksheet first. I would also work on harder assignments first because you never know how long they can take. I always did my math homework and studying first, because I could have more time and take breaks to do other homework if I needed to.

2. “Organization tips?”

Once again, PLANNERS, PLANNERS, PLANNERS. A planner is a necessity for high school because of all of your assignments. Buy a cute one with a great spread and plenty of space, a cute pack of colorful pens, some stickers, washi tape, and you’re all set! I color code to separate classes and so I can physically see what I have to do each day.

For planners, I currently use an Erin Condren life planner and I LOVE it! You get to customize your cover and the inside spreads and it is totally worth it if you obsessively use your planner like I do. (It is a pricier planner so unless you actually will use it, I wouldn’t purchase it) However, Erin does make cheaper academic planners and they are super cute! Some others that I have used are the Happy Planners, and Lilly Pulitzer. I loved both but so far the Erin Condren is my fave! (I also highly recommend the Jadelynn Brooke planner – I ordered my current planner before they launched their’s this year – but they have plenty of room and are SO CUTE!)

OTHER TIPS: I recommend using binder tabs to separate your binders into sections. It is really important to keep classes separated so you never lose an assignment! Also, set reminders on your phone for homework and etc. I use my phone calendar too, so If I am out with friends or busy, I still get a reminder telling me I have something due online that night or in class the next day. The reminders are also really nice for when you have TON of assignments and want to give yourself a set time for each to make sure you get everything done!

General High School Questions

1. “What is homecoming and prom like?”

So at my school, the homecoming dance was generally underclassmen. Upperclassmen usually went and got all dressed up with their dates/friends, took pictures, and then either went to dinner or went and did something fun. The actual activities are really fun. Everyone always did spirit week at my school so everyone was always dressed up for whatever the theme each day was. But our biggest day was always red-out day! It was always on Friday before the game and we dressed head to toe in red or our school! Since I also live in Texas, we have the tradition of homecoming mums (girls) and garters (guys)! They are always so fun to make and it is a big tradition to make them and then trade with your date! Usually underclassmen go full out red, white, and blue with their mums (our school colors), but seniors would have all white and silver so we stood out! It was a big deal to reach senior year and earn your right to an all white mum! We generally make mums really big and it is so fun to trade them after half time at the game, if you’re in band, with your date!


Here are my friend Christie and I’s mums from our senior year! Our boyfriends helped our moms design them and then they made them! My boyfriend wanted to have our favorite animal instead of a regular teddy bear and then a red flower over where Houston is! This was my favorite mum out of all four years!

As for prom, I went both my junior and senior year because my boyfriend is in the grade above me. My junior year was my favorite just because of the people we hung out with and the DJ that year was really fun! I liked my senior year and it was my favorite gown, my besties were there, and was favorite theme – The Great Gatsby! However, the DJ wasn’t awesome and played some just weird music the whole time and the valet company locked everyone’s keys inside their office on accident and was just a mess. Despite that, I had a great time taking pics and spending time with my boyfriend each year and I LOVED my dress my senior year! Prom is really fun if you like your date or have a great group to go with! It’s so much fun to get super dressed up and spend your night with your friends!

Freshman Tips Questions

1. “How to find the right friend group?”

Don’t be afraid to talk to new people and get involved in something you enjoy – you’ll meet other people who are too! just be yourself and trust that God will bring you the right people at the right time in your life. You don’t want to act fake just to make friends, because you’ll end up in relationships that aren’t deep or real. Be yourself and make real friendships where they like you for who you really are!

2. “How to be more outgoing/not socially awkward?”

Again, just be yourself. You will find the right people for you if you don’t put on a mask and hide who you are. Just remember that you have to sometime take a leap of faith in order to get something you want or to have fun. I was terrified to try out for band leadership and restart the band’s bible study with my besties, but it ended up being awesome and I made the leadership team the first year I tried out, and then was chosen as woodwind captain the next! In terms of the socially awkward thing, heck, I’m pretty socially awkward and often talk better with adults than I do with people my own age. But a lot of change and growth comes with time and you’ll get better the more comfortable you get and the more you know!

3. “Tips for freshmen?”

Academics are important and matter. Your freshmen year matters towards your GPA, so work hard, study, and don’t slack off! It will matter for college apps! 

For friends, be yourself and don’t be afraid to meet new people. You never know who will become your best friend! It is also okay to grow apart and find new friends. People grow apart and change and friends can be gifts for a season of life you’re in and then not fit exactly who you are becoming.

For dating – only date someone you really like! And don’t feel afraid to stand up for yourself and make your voice heard in a relationship. It’s okay to not date at all if that is what you want!

Keep your head up and stand up for who you are. High school can be really crushing and you will grow so much, but don’t be afraid to stay true to who YOU are. Trends, fads, and all that jazz comes and goes, but just remember to do what you want to do and make good choices. You don’t want to look back and regret something later. 

It is ALWAYS right to be kind and support others. It is NEVER right to judge or bring another person down. Being a bystander and doing nothing is just as bad as being the bully. It is ALWAYS okay to speak up and stand up for you, another person, or something you believe in.

Take a class or two just for fun. I took a photojournalism and design class this past year and adored it! I learned so much about photography, InDesign, and Photoshop and opened my eyes even more to the amazing world of art and design that I will be entering into this year. 

Don’t let a teacher ever make you feel lesser than you are. I had one call me stupid, and then I got my schedule switched and was put into another class – my grade raised 15 points. It is all about your teacher and how they teach and how you respond to their teaching.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, get a tutor, or get help. I also had a teacher tell me to stop asking questions, and I made the highest grade in that Chemistry class. Th questions can make a HUGE difference in your grade. I got a tutor for precal and it was the reason I passed. A tutor doesn’t mean you’re stupid – it means you need maybe just a little more help learning and practicing the material!

Get involved in something you are interested in or are passionate about. High school has SO many honor societies, sporting teams, extra curricular activities and clubs. There is something for everyone! You don’t want to just go to school and go home. You can also meet awesome friends!

Take tons of pictures, but don’t live through your phone. You’ll want to remember everything, but don’t hide behind that screen for the next four years. You are bound to miss something.

Go to events and participate in the fun stuff. Go to a football game, support a friend at their concert or play, go to that dance, etc. You’ll be glad you did!

4. “What do they not tell you that is super important to know?”

They don’t tell you how fast everything will go by, and how much effort it takes on your own to apply to college. High school flew by for me and here I am going into my freshman year of college when I can still perfectly recall my first day of high school and my band locker combination from junior year. You’ll want to cherish every moment with your friends because you’ll have to say see you later to them in only four years! (It is SO hard!) They also never say how good it it will feel to walk and throw your grad cap in the air – SO good and it is like a weight has been lifted! I sobbed at my senior band banquet just because I couldn’t believe it was over – I was partially relieved too, haha! College apps are important and my school didn’t talk about them really until the last minute. Start as soon as possible! And really, they don’t tell you how much your freshmen year matters in terms of your GPA – your colleges you apply to WILL see those grades on your transcript! Seriously, get involved into things you are passionate about and stick with them – colleges LOVE that!


That is it for this insane long blog post! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media page’s for the blog and etsy shop, and check out my shop on etsy where you can by personalized and handmade products like canvases, notebooks, tassel garlands and more!

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Have a great week and a fantastic school year!

xoxo, annie






Etsy Shop Update

Hey hey hey y’all!

Wow! It has been a hot minute since I have written a blog post on here! I have been taking some time off of the blog to spend some quality time on my Etsy Shop. Things have been going so great! Tons of new items, business cards, a new look, everything is just improved and fun and a party!! I am so thrilled that everything is starting to take off and that I am hitting the ground running. 

I wanted to give y’all a look at some stuff that’s going on and a few of the new items. Click on the link at the end to see the shop! 

(Items can only be shipped to the United States as of now)

New canvases are going up in the shop and some print packs with different themes. Prayer boxes, wood rounds, and much much more! Lots are in the shop but these are just a few of the new items. New products are going up all of the time!

Click for the link to my Etsy Shop.!

Honestly, this shop has been a really big stress reliever for me in addition to forcing me to take some time for myself away from school. I have really been loving the whole designing, creating and listing process that is involved and it has been overall really great. I am starting to produce even more high-quality products that I am proud of and things I know can sell. It’s so fun creating things that I love and I know y’all love too!

Also, now when you click the Etsy Shop menu tap at the top of my page, it will take you directly to my site. So you can either click on the pink link right above this last paragraph or just click the “Etsy Shop” menu at the top of the page! (or the “E” under the social widget to the right)

I am so glad I got to show y’all this! This is something I have wanted to do for a really long time and it is so exciting to see it becoming more and more like the business I want it to be!

xoxo, annie

January 2018 Faves

Hey Y’all!

Happy Wednesday!

Almost 2 years ago, the very first blog post I ever did was a favorites post. I honestly can’t remember now if it was a monthly/friday faves or whether it was a monthly, but a favorites post was something I really enjoyed reading from other bloggers and just flat out sharing. In edition to each month’s playlist, I am hoping to try out a monthly favorites series as well. 

Currently I am loving a bunch of different things. From books to movies, to music, beauty and more, I am going share here with you all of the things I have been loving!

This Month's Movie Favorites

I saw lots of great movies in the past month but my top two are The Greatest Showman and The Post. I have seen The Greatest Showman THREE TIMES! Honestly everything about it is just amazing! From the soundtrack to the cast, everything was so well done. I am constantly playing the soundtrack on repeat and have learned every word. Seeing Zac Efron and Zendaya in the movie just brings me back to my cherished High School Musical and Disney Channel days. The Post was crazy good as well, but it isn’t a movie where you sing through it like The Greatest Showman. The Post is such an outstanding movie in the way that presented the right of the freedom of the press and the American newspapers versus the government and President Nixon. Meryl Streep was such a phenomenal actress and I adored her role as the first woman to run a newspaper. She didn’t just play her character, she became her, and was honestly a girl boss!

This Month's Beauty Faves

When it comes to beauty, I tend to have a few favorites and stick to those. So when Benefit Cosmetics discontinued their Gimme Brow product, I was so sad. It was perfect for my brows and I spent ages using my bottle and wand down to the very last of the product. I spent weeks searching for a new product that would even somewhat work and I came across Glossier’s Boy Brow. With how thick my eyebrows already are, I really just need to shape and fill the finest spots, and this works great. It comes in 4 shades including clear so it works great for all eyebrow colors! I use the brown shade and even though I have really dark eyebrows, it still works great and is even better than my old eyebrow product! I also have been loving the Anastasia Beverly Hills Gloss in Kristen. It is a darker pink and I have been loving it for winter since it is still a pop of color even though it is darker. Then lastly, I have been loving Fresh’s Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. I have had really bad break outs with uneven skin and dry patchy skin the last few months, but within a week of using this after getting it in my Sephora PLAY box month ago, my skin started clearing up. I have used EVERY LAST DROP and now I need to  buy the full size since it has been working magic!

Anastasia Lip Gloss / Fresh Face Cream / Glossier Boy Brow

This Month's Fave Shoes

For Christmas I got my second pair of Hunter High Gloss Rain Boots and I am LOVING them! I got them in black and they go with absolutely everything. I can wear them anywhere if it is rainy or cold and the black just matches everything perfectly. They are my favorite shoe to wear right now and if I could, I would wear them in 80 degree Texas heat because I love them so much!

Hunter Boots

This Month's Fave Accessory

My favorite accessory this month, I have been wearing this Fossil watch EVERY DAY. Sebastian got it for me for Christmas and I wear it from when I wake up in the morning until I go to sleep. I wear the brown leather strap the most, but he also got me a blush strap so I can change it to my favorite color whenever I want! It goes with everything I wear, casual or dressy, and I am just in love with it!

This Month's Fave Accessory copy

This month’s random fave was also another Christmas gift. My mom surprised me on Christmas morning with a pink 30oz yeti! It has a spill-proof lid and the best part…it has my monogram on it! I have been putting all of my drinks in here for school because it keeps everything so nice and cold. I have been drinking so much more water with it. I also have a metal straw from corkcicle that fits in the top that also works great. It is dishwasher safe and I drink even more water if I have a straw so the yeti + straw has been a great combo!

This Month's Fave Accessory copy 2

After going to summer camp again the summer before ninth grade, I purchased a book that a camp counselor had recommended to me. A few actually had mentioned it, saying if they didn’t grow up a Christian, this is the book that made them become one. I became really intrigued and purchased it. I loved it and really thought it was great, but I just started rereading it for the second time through. The whole book has a completely different meaning to me now as a second semester senior then it did right before ninth grade. I have been finding a deeper meaning of the “crazy love” of Jesus and it has been bringing such an amazing light to my life lately. If you need a really good Christian book or even just want an interesting read, I 150% recommend this book. Francis Chan is an amazing writer and pastor, and his analogies are beyond great!

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

This Month's Fave Accessory copy 3

My last fave for this month is this little ID wallet from Lilly Pulitzer. I purchased mine on sale during the After Party Sale and it has been great for having the bare necessities with me and my keys all of the time. I adore the print and it goes great with my Lilly Monogram key chain! Sadly this print is no longer in stock, but I have linked a similar down below.

Lilly ID Case

That’s it for this month’s faves! Thank you for reading and be sure to check out the follow button and the button for my Etsy Shop in the sidebar!


January Playlist 2018

Hey Y’all!

This month has been nuts! But I have had some great songs to get me through it!

This month, I saw The Greatest Showman…3 times!!!! It is that good! I will talk more about it in tomorrow’s monthly favorites post. But, I just had to briefly explain why a fourth of my playlist is from one movie…haha!!

I have a variety of songs this month just like always. Some old and some new and some in-between. I really just wanted a feel-good playlist this month and have been trying to listen to songs that pep me up, I can sing along to or have a great beat. Music has really been an outlet of peace and fun for me with all of my stress and I hope that y’all enjoy this month’s playlist or see why I like these songs!


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Handlettering: How to

Hey Y’all!

I constantly get asked about calligraphy and handlettering: what I use, how to and so on. I decided it is about time that I did a tutorial here on the blog. I know not everyone has real brush pens and etc, so I will be showing y’all how to do fake lettering, real lettering with some household art supplies (different Crayola markers) and with my favorite lettering pens/markers. {There is even a surprise advanced tutorial!} For each tutorial, there will be pictures and videos to walk you through. I used the word “hello” for each because it is a basic, simple word to write.



























These are my absolute favorite pens of all time! Tombow dual brush pens are, in my opinion, the best hand lettering pens out there. I 100% recommend these and their dual tips! (one is a brush and one is a felt pen)







Take a light color (I used yellow) and then a darker (I used red). You are going to blend these to create an ombre effect.



Take the darker color and marker on the lighter colored marker’s tip. Don’t worry about ruining the marker- Tomboy dual brush pens are basically self-cleaning and will go back to the original color.



Now you have a gorgeous ombre, blended word!




White gel pens are perfect for all things highlighting and detailing! They show up so well and I LOVE adding a little something extra to my art with these. I got mine from Amazon as well as my black Copic Multiliners.





Once you get the hang of these, you can start to do some pretty awesome detail work. This combo of Tombow pens and white gel pens is my fave and I love doing work like you see below with them:

An old sketchbook lettering experiment with gel pens from over a year ago


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you liked it and want to see more tutorials like this here on the blog, give it a like and comment and tell me how you feel! I am hoping to do more projects and posts like this to show you what I really love to do!

Thanks for reading! Feel Free to check out the rest of the blog and take a look around!